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Bath Lacrosse Club are affiliated to the English Lacrosse Association. www.englishlacrosse.co.uk

English Lacrosse is the National Governing (NGB) Body for the sport in England

The game is managed through the Men's and Women's Playing  Committees, and the leagues administered by region using Committees such as the South of England Men's Lacrosse Association (SEMLA) and North of England Lacrosse Association (NELA) , South West Ladies Lacrosse League and Southern Counties Women's Lacrosse Association (SCWLA).

One of the functions of the organisation is to provide Coach and referee courses, vital to the running of the game. Regular courses occur around the UK and details can be found on the ELA Website.

English Lacrosse are also the sponsor organisation of the Local Development Officers (LDO's) and School Coaching Officers (SCO's). Normally American graduates who come to the UK to lodge with either Clubs or Schools  for the duration of the season.

 The tenet for the proffesional arm of Lacrosse is:


1. To organise and deliver a professional coaching programme to schools as part of their 5 hours of High Quality Physical Education per week.

2. To recruit players to school teams, after school clubs and field lacrosse clubs.

3. To ensure that field lacrosse schools and clubs provide an exiting and well-organised coaching and competitive programme.

 4. To encourage parents, players and teacher to coach, officiate and assist with school and junior programmes.

 5. To raise the profile of lacrosse and English Lacrosse’s Development Programme

 6. To provide and increase school and junior lacrosse competitions.

 7. To organise local and assist in regional U11 POP lacrosse and LAX competitions.

 8. To promote and deliver the “Check It Out” Volunteer programme at a local level.

 9. To assist in the delivery and education of all parents, children and volunteers in the implementation of the Child Protection Policy.

 10. To promote English Lacrosse coach education, teacher education and officiating awards.

 11. To actively support English Lacrosse’s Long Term Athlete Development programme in the Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse.