The South of England Men’s Lacrosse Association is the administrative authority for Men’s Lacrosse competitions for clubs from below a line drawn roughly north of Birmingham. There are over 30 clubs in SEMLA. SEMLA is a forward thinking, adaptable organisation dedicated to the growth of Lacrosse in England.

In the main SEMLA deals with:

League and Flags competition for both Senior and junior lacrosse

Representative selection

Junior development



The Southern League structure is;

The Premiership – an overarching, south wide division of 10 teams

East League – three Divisions with clubs situated to the East of the Hampshire/Wiltshire Border (approx)

West League – Two Divisions to the West of the Hampshire/Wiltshire Border (approx) including clubs in Wales.

Clubs play home and away for points – 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw, 1 pt for competing.

Upward promotion and demotion in the lower leagues is two up two down each season.

The West Div 1 Champions Play off against the East Div 1 Champions for the right to replace the 10th team in the premiership for the next season.

The loser of the playoff game has the right to challenge the 9th placed Premiership team for the right to be placed in the higher division for the next season.

The FLAGS competition is a League wide competition on three levels

Senior – Premiership clubs

Intermediate – West Div1 and East Div 1

Minor – West Div2 and East Div 2 and 3

The Southern League Champions and Southern Flags champions play the Northern equivalent for the National titles.

THe 2016/17 season sees both Bath teams competing in West Div 1

The League fixtures and club details for SEMLA can be found at