Trowbridge Lacrosse Club



Bath Lacrosse club supports the development of the game in various areas around the City. One of the most successful programmes is Trowbridge Lacrosse club, which is currently the main feeder programme for the club.

The Bath programme has funded coaching in Trowbridge Schools, provided equipment and playing opportunities for the last 7 years. The first team boasts at least four players which have come up through the junior scheme in the town.

The long term aim is to create a fully-fledged club, medium term it is hoped to develop a Youth squad concurrently with Chippenham, Keynsham and of course Bath.

2011 saw the first senior game between Trowbridge and Bath, it is hoped that there will be many more in the future.

Results so far:

26th March 2011 Trowbridge 4:5 Bath

17th September 2011 Trowbridge 3:11 Bath

The Trowbridge Club holds regular training sessions during the season and in 2012 is running a recruitment drive to increase numbers in the town

 The Trowbridge club holds regular training sessions and TThTThTssssalt

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