Bath 2's come up short

Bath 2 v Swansea Hawks

29 November 2014

Recreation Ground

West Div 1

Final Score Bath 9:10 Swansea



Bath lose out in thriller on the Rec

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Bath 2’s have been slowly getting better, more competitive as the season has gone on, defensively, boosted by Luke Wilmot the team is a tougher nut to crack (most of the time) and the midfield are beginning to make the right decisions at the right times. Couple that with huge improvements in the handling of all the new players this year (testament to hard work off the pitch); the second half of the season might see Bath 2 cause the odd upset.




This was a tight game throughout, both teams could easily claim to be “in control” Bath scored regularly, mainly through individual goals, the midfield charging at the Swansea defence at every opportunity, whereas Swansea tended to “construct” the goals, using the attack to suck the defence in before dumping the ball or rolling the defender through a pick,  one memorable goal for Bath from Alex Sherwood, who out of the blue showed he has a gun, blasting one from outside the zone into the top corner.



By half time Bath had reversed a first quarter deficit into a two goal lead, which looked to be enough, even in the third quarter, Baths normal wobble period, when both defences tightened up considerably, Bath looked to have the edge, then a disastrous 4th quarter five minutes turned the game on its head, Bath began to use Wilmot as an extra outside shot, however the confusion left behind, due to lack of general communication caused Bath to go offside several times, Swansea capitalised on the turnovers, then Bath began to chase the game, taking more risks, and Swansea turned a two goal deficit into a two goal advantage in as many minutes, despite a rallying, and settling last 10 minutes, Bath couldn’t get the ball over the line, Swansea, all hands to the pumps held on for a 1 goal lead.




Swansea were good value for the win, there’s not much between the sides, and if Bath can travel to Wales with a strong side in the new year, there is a distinct possibility of coming away with the spoils.





Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 3:4 Swansea

2nd quarter Bath 4:1 Swansea

3rd quarter Bath 1:1 Swansea

4th quarter Bath 1:4 Swansea

Final Score Bath 9:10 Swansea




Neil Smith 1

Jake Howells 2

Alex Scott 2

Alex Sherwood 1

Steve McMorran 1

Nik Roberts 1

Luke Wilmot 1


Miles Whittle (Panel)

Nik Roberts (Bath)

Jake Duff (Bath)