University win Jon Harrop Challenge Cup

Jon Harrop Challenge cup 2015

First win for Bath University

University Captain Ben Oswin leads this team to victory.

Final score – Bath 8:9 Bath University




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The Jon Harrop Challenge cup is contested between Bath LC and Bath University in memory of one of the founders of Bath LC, Jon Harrop who sadly passed away in 2014. Although the trophy itself has only been in existence for 2 years, the annual game between the two sides has been officially contested since 2010. In recent years there has been a substantial rise in the skill level of Bath University, BUCS lacrosse and better more frequent training means the University produces some excellent Lacrosse players and athletes.

The two clubs come together to play in the South of England league, the City second team is of particular importance as this is where many of the new students  gain their initial lacrosse knowledge.


This year the game also fell on National Lacrosse day, 60 clubs nationwide held local events to raise awareness of the game and recruit more players. Bath held a drop in mixed session before the main game, with coaching, target shooting and the bucket challenge; young people from the surrounding areas were able to try lacrosse.




The University side were, to put it in a phrase “up for it” and arrived early to warm up, after a week pre-season training this was probably the most prepared University team ever. It was no surprise that the students came out of the blocks at 100mph.

The City squad was a real mixture, with an age range of 15 to 54, youth and experience in abundance; so the game was to be speed and agility against enthusiasm and knowhow.

At face, Ken Murray was dominant, not allowing his counterpart, Adam Wilkinson much of a look in, this meant City had a lot of possession, unfortunately they were unable to capitalise and the University duly hit back with converted fast breaks. Bath were 3 goals down in the first 15 minutes, however goals from Mike Carey and Sam King (both left handers) brought the City side back into the game.




The second quarter followed the same pattern, but the City defence, although starting to get their act together, just couldn’t come up with the ground balls after some glorious knock down checks; luck was also, it seemed against them, two goals, one kicked and one “batted” in off the ground put some daylight between the sides, only a quick crease goal by Nik Roberts kept the City side in the hunt.

Bath don’t do third quarters, so the half time talk by captain Luke Wilmot was aimed at making sure the team came out all guns blazing, unfortunately, again despite having some clear chances (ably saved by Uni Keeper Mike Deeks), three unanswered University goals put real daylight between the sides, Bath City were staring at defeat for the first time and losing 8:3



The quarter time blast from Wilmot was impressive, Bath needed to wake up, 20 minutes to rescue the game, so quarter 4 started with a City bang! No it was a whimper, the University scored immediately and put up a commanding 6 goal lead.

Bath then suddenly woke up, began to play positive lacrosse, the attack began to move the University defence about and there was urgency on the ground balls, Goals from Doug Mackey and Simon Griffiths (individual drive from the post) suddenly put doubt into University minds, they tried to hold onto the ball, but were chased down and forced into turnovers, particularly by a fired up Paul Bown.




Two close in goals by Lloyd Butler put the club within touching distance, there was an air of panic in the University defence, and despite Uni Captain Ben Oswin trying to get his team to keep possession the ball kept coming loose,  Bath City certainly had the momentum.

The last face had 7 seconds on the clock, Sam King gets the ball and charges for the goal, a left hand drive at the heart of the University defence, drawing all three long poles, as the ensuing shot passed the post, the referees blew the whistle, no equaliser, relief to the students and too little too late from the City.



This was an excellent game of Lacrosse, played hard and in the right spirit, the University were deserved winners and, with the squad they have should do well in BUCS this year.

Bath City has the potential to win West 1 and West 2 if the look of two merged squads is anything to go by, and who knows what freshers week might bring.

Roll on season 2015/16




Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 2:3 Bath Uni

2nd quarter Bath 1:2 Bath Uni

3rd quarter Bath 0:3 Bath Uni

4th quarter Bath 5:1 Bath Uni

Final Score bath 8:9 Bath Uni


Mike Carey 1

Sam King 1

Nik Roberts 1

Doug Mackay 1

Simon Griffiths 1

Ken Murray 1

Lloyd Butler 2



Miles Whittle

Mark Buckland


Colin Carey

Past results

2010 Bath 12:1 University

2011 Bath 6:3 University

2012 Bath 17:0 University

2013 Bath 7:6 University

2014 Bath 9:8 University