Seconds start campaign with win on the road

Plymouth University v Bath 2’s

17 October 2015

West Division 2

Final Score Plymouth 5:14 Bath





Bath started the 2015 campaign with the usual mix of new players from the University, older players and Juniors. Ben King, now at the grand old age of 15 started his first league game, he’s been waiting around 8 years and was raring to go, so coming up with a goal must mark the day as a success. Up in attack Tom Jacques looked pleased with himself as he lined up with his youngest son Akito, bioth the Jacques boys came up with goals; Tom 1 and Akito 2, first round to Jacques the younger.




Having driven for close to three and a half hours, Bath were faced with a dilemma not of the students making, the university had booked the field from 4 till 6, not 2 till 4, after lots of alternative pitches falling through, it was decided to hold the game on the spare junior football pitch, not ideal (particularly as its three quarter length) however, it’s the same for both teams, and suddenly volunteers for playing midfield increased somewhat. Bags of flour from the local store provided lines and creases, yes Lacrosse is adaptable and really can be played pretty much anywhere.




Both teams had a lot of beginners, some in their first ever game, the predictable ground ball battles were not disappointing. Both teams also had makeshift keepers, Plymouth’s volunteered the night before, Bath’s “volunteered” on the day, a big shout to the University freshers Rory Crouch and Jonny Ayres, both did a fantastic job taking a half each.




Plymouth started the brighter, scoring first and getting to the ground balls first, but, gradually Bath came into the game, took the lead before the end of the first quarter and never looked like being caught. Asher Brindley and Ross Graham started to boss the face off, the new players started to come up with good ground ball and, when Bath were in possession the ball stayed in stick longer.  Having a core of experienced players really helps bring on the new players, there was a little more calm and organisation, even Jack Bateson came up with a goal, the first D pole goal of the season after a solo run taking on at least 6 players before sticking the ball in the back of the net.




On a “compact” field and after a long journey, Bath, in patches played some good Lacrosse. If this squad sticks together it will be there or there about at the end of the season.



Quarter Scores

1st quarter Plymouth 1:2 Bath

2nd quarter Plymouth 2:4 Bath

3rd quarter Plymouth 2:3 Bath

4th quarter Plymouth 0:5 Bath

Final Score Plymouth 5:14 Bath


Jack Bateson 1

Asher Brindley 3

Akito Jacques 2

Ben King 1

Tom Jacques 1

Alex Foster-Powell 1

Ed Ward 1

Nik Roberts 4