Firsts off to winning start

Bristol 2’s v Bath

17 October 2015

West Division 1

Final Score: Bristol 4:12 Bath



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Captain’s highlights



Bath took the lead through Simon Griffiths intercepting the keepers clear on the crease Bath then went on to score again.

Bristol came back with 2 goals to equal for the quarter.


Second quarter again finished 2-2.

Bristol moved the ball quickly on attack and cut off of picks to try catch Baths defence out.

Bristol had a lot of possession at the end of the second quarter but Baths second slides were on point and the defence communicated well as a solid unit.

Bath attack looked rushed and were losing the ball from silly passes.

Baths defence of Sam White, Steve Mooney and Luke Wilmot communicated well and got their midfielders calling numbers and slides to keep Bristol out


Bath came out all guns blazing in the 3rd quarter winning the quarter 5-0 Mike Carey had a solo effort, taking on 3 Bristol players before coolly finishing.

Bristol’s defence were sliding early to deal with threats which left bath attackers Lloyd Butler and Neil Anthony with lots of time 1v1 with the goalkeeper.

Mark Lane made some great saves stopping the Bristol comeback.


Fourth quarter Bath came out with two early goals to kill off Bristol and then slowed the ball down and made Bristol go after Bath to get the ball back.

Bath won the 4th quarter 3-0.


Ken Murray and Neil Smith worked very well on the face and were helped by Owen Edwards making his first start for Bath from Loughborough at LSM and settled well into the Bath defence, with some great ground balls and checks.

Others making their first starts for Bath 1sts were Jacob Stapleton (Kingston Uni and Epson) Neil Anthony (Leeds Met) and Alex Scott (Cheadle, Bath 2's) who integrated well and could have scored themselves.


Bath looked very good on the clear with Mark Lane being switched on for once, however it wouldn't be Mark if he didn't fake his way into a triple team on half way...

Simon Griffiths was very dangerous at coming round from X and scoring goals in trademark fashion.

It was great seeing Lloyd in and around the goals after his injury worries. (Checking at the end to see if he was Baths top scorer)


Luke Wilmot, Sam White and Steve Mooney's slides and knock downs were excellent and stopped most of Bristol’s chances.


Ken Murray and Doug Mackay led the midfield and organised the attack with great movement and feeds for the Bath goals.

Quarter scores

1st quarter Bristol 2:2 Bath

2nd quarter Bristol 2:2 Bath

3rd quarter Bristol 0:5 Bath

4th quarter Bristol 0:3 Bath

Final Score Bristol 4:12 BathScorers


Lloyd Butler 3

Simon Griffiths 3

Ken Murray 2

Doug Mackay 2

Mike Carey 1

Neil Anthony 1