Warwick University v Bath 2nds 13 Feb 2016 - Plate Semi and league game

Warwick University v Bath 2nds

13 Feb 2016

Plate Semi and league game

Seconds overturn 6:2 deficit

Final Score Warwick 5:17 Bath



Bath travelled to Warwick with a 6:2 deficit in this Plate Semi-final match, the game was also a double up with the league match as bad weather had written off the Warwick home field the week before. It’s testament to the commitment of the squad that 16 players were available to travel the 2 hours plus for the game.

Scare the keeper

The field, although playable was very soft in several areas, which meant the ground ball would be crucial, the ball was certainly not going to bounce anywhere, in fact it was, in most areas getting plugged beneath the surface and the referees, several times called “mired in the mud” and decided possession with a face off. As the game wore on some areas resembled the Somme rather than a Lacrosse pitch.

Ben Hopkins saves


Bath’s tactics were simple, get in Warwick’s face, compete for absolutely everything, keep the tempo high and don’t let the University get into settled play. Bath went for it.

Ben Whitfield ChecksFace off


Within the first 5 minutes the visitors had had several shots, some a tad wild and others either saved by the keeper or a defender on the line, it would only be a matter of time before the goals would flow, Bath also moved the game on at the quarters, cutting the breaks shorter, on heavy ground the team with the fresher legs at the end of the game would probably be the winners so Bath with the bigger squad didn’t allow Warwick to take the rest periods due to them.

Marcus Dunn clears


In attack Bath also kept Ben Whitfield (and later Jack Bateson) on the field with their long poles, this stopped the break down on the Warwick clear and added a “big gun” option up front, Ben scored two, one nearly knocking the stick out of the keepers hands, the other a screamer the keeper didn’t see. The consequence of this tactic was to keep the Warwick defence stretched, allowing more space behind the front line of defence; quicker ball movement and good structure around goal meant Bath created chance after chance.

Rory Crouch drives


Although Warwick held on to Bath in the first quarter the constant pressure in all areas of the field began to tell, midway through a very dominant second quarter Bath had not only clawed back the Warwick advantage but put clear daylight between the teams.

Every player contributed to a fantastic win and can look forward to the regional Plate final against either Exeter or Plymouth City at the beginning of March.

Roberts puts one over his shoulder

Highlights of the game – screaming shot by Ben Whitfield, devastating roll dodging by Akito Jacques and a cheeky over the shoulder goal on the crease by Nik Roberts


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Warwick 2:3 (8:5) Bath

2nd quarter Warwick 1:7 (9:12) Bath

3rd quarter Warwick 1:3 (10:15) Bath

4th quarter Warwick 1:4 (11:19) Bath

Final Score Warwick 5:17 Bath



Nik Roberts 4

Ben King 2

Tom Jacques 2

Akito Jacques 3

Rory Crouch 2

Ben Whitfield 2

Dale Armstrong 2