Ladies Tournament No1 - Westonbirt

South West Ladies League tournament No1 – Westonbirt

Ladies Squad


The first tournament of the season is always the toughest on new squads, in order to establish future tournament rankings, all the teams play each other, this means that some of the bigger more established sides like Bristol (who ran two squads) and South Coast can run up some impressive scores should they so wish.

Brit Miller drives


This year Bath are a mixture of more experienced “freshers” and older students from past years with the club, with a smattering of outside experience and brand new players. The squad is brimming with enthusiasm, and given time and more matches, will climb steadily up the rankings.

Waiting for the drawDrury drives


Although losing all but one game (great win against Aberystwyth) the girls can be proud of their efforts, always in the game and showing huge potential.

Squad Goofing about


Bath had two keepers, Sophie Gillibrand, back from past campaigns and newly converted Megan Critcher, both had a good day in between the pipes, Megan would have been seen in the goals last season, but broke her thumb saving a shot from Man’s captain Luke Wilmot in training. In defence Jodie Parkinson deserves special mention as, with a whole 2 hours of Lacrosse under her belt, Jodie ended up playing full defence for eight games, certainly in at the deep end.

Meg Critcher savesTora Joicey attacks


For periods of each game the team worked well, finding space and using good decision making to create openings, there is a susceptibility to concede on the fast break, only to be expected given the relative experience of most of the opposition, but, with small adjustments the team will begin to irradiate this threat.

Tora Joicey on the draw


The next tournament is at the end of the month, and there are a few areas that the team can work on, all of which will improve with just plain game time.

Wheres the ball?