15th October 2016 - Cheltenham v Bath - West Ladder

15 October 2016

Cheltenham Cougars v Bath

West Ladder

Final score Cheltenham 7:11 Bath


The line up


Notes from the captain:


Bath moved the ball well in attack.

The midfield and the attacks movement and quick passing was very effective. A few bad decisions on passes but Bath are looked much more confident following on from the previous week.

Craig Morey played well adapting to life in midfield and was only missing a goal to top of a good performance.

Alex George played a great game grabbing a well-deserved first goal for the firsts.

The attack rode the clears really well putting pressure on Cheltenham’s midfield and defence.  

 The defensive clears were brilliant.

Bown in close quartes


Ben Hopkins decision making on clears were good with great distribution of the ball. He commanded the defence well to keep them organised.

Paul Bown’s sliding was very good.

The defence of Paul Bown, Josh Yeoman and Luke Wilmot were a good unit keeping out Cheltenham’s well organised attack.

Butler picks


Cheltenham have a good bunch of players with old faces and promising new ones and look like a threatening team this year. A big thank you to Biscuits for refereeing on the day.

Doug checks


Report from Dale Armstrong


Another week another game! This time against a resurgent Cheltenham!

It was a pleasant afternoon when Bath arrived, with spots of sunshine that was waiting to hinder a goalie at an inopportune time!

The game started at the face, and this week bath controlled it comfortably, with wingmen getting regularly involved. Though the momentum started with Cheltenham, quickly netting a brace of goals past a sleepy Bath defence.

Cheltenham was showing they weren't a pushover, freshly minted club and Bath had to turn it around quickly if they wanted to salvage this game. What followed were some sublime clears, whilst not formationally perfect, with heads up passes were the soup of the day!

In attack Bath initiated a cut and feed game, sneaking three past the Cheltenham defence, Lloyd Butler putting the first one away with ease. The Cheltenham defence utilised adjacent slides, which is uncommon in the West 1 league and caused a bit of trouble until it was figured out, causing numerous turnovers and bodged opportunities.

Neil takes an elbow


With the half done, both teams went to positions to kick it off again. With Bath’s face off crew

taking it a step forward, with fast breaks allowing Bath to net a few more. A fresh keeper for

Cheltenham meant a new challenge and the proficient ride by Bath made any kind of passing clear difficult, but luckily Cheltenham rolled out a speedy Gonzalez from the bench.

Buoyed by their 'just leg it' clears Cheltenham had a series of strong possessions, netting 2 goals from a strong dodge and dump game and some extreme angle shooting.
In defence Cheltenham were quick to slide, leading to a number of double teams which even required a Bath time out; called to retain possession.

As the last quarter rolled round Cheltenham started to get frustrated, and whilst the team

acquitted themselves with poise and respect, certain individuals forgot the fact it was just a game, nevertheless bath were dominant, with tic tac toe passing, dodging became a more staple attack with James Smith finding his feet with a speed dodge to a goal, Craig Morey putting it all out there for a shot that missed by an inch and Lloyd fluffing a 1v1 with the keeper.

Cheltenham fought the bitter end but bath edged it 11-7

Bath put to bed the ghosts of past games with this performance, succeeding where they'd

previously failed. Whether this game was a lucky fluke or not is still to be said.


Griffiths shoots


Quarter Scores

1st quarter Cheltenham 2-3 Bath

Mackay, Butler, George

2nd quarter Cheltenham 2:3 Bath

King, Mackay, Butler

3rd quarter Cheltenham 0:3 Bath

Armstrong, Murray, Armstrong

4th quarter Cheltenham 3:2 Bath

Smith, Murray

Final Score Cheltenham 7:11 Bath



Doug Mackay 2

Lloyd Butler 2

Dale Armstrong 2

Ken Murray 2

Sam King 1

Alex George 1

James Smith 1



Andrew Dillon (Panel)