16 Sept 2017 Cheltenham host National Lacrosse day

Cheltenham Cougars host Bath on National Lacrosse day

Venue: Cheltenham Civil Service Sports Ground



Cheltenham Cougars Ladies - 14:3 Bath 

Cheltenham Cougars 13:10 Bath


Cathy Westall defends

Mike Carey rolls the defence

English Lacrosse launched the National Lacrosse day a couple of years ago to allow club opportunity to promote themselves in their local area. Bath already has the Eights, so have no capacity to organise something extra at this moment in time, however combining a pre-season friendly for each of the club’s squads with a BBQ in Cheltenham looked like the ideal scenario.


Carman Williams gets the ground ball

As the Womens team is predominantly students, this time of year is difficult for numbers, Captain Iren Moynihan struggled to find players, managed to get 9 and arranged to borrow a couple of girls from Cheltenham (Ruby and Amber currently at Hartpury University).

Cheltenham's Women's teram are strong this year, and have a lot of experienced players, this was very evident on the field as Bath lost several promising opportunities due to a dropped pass or lost ball in a dodge. That said the girls stuck to the task, and every game is experience gained. Highlight of the game would be Moynihan in goals, due to injury the captain decided to take up the position and has been training through the summer with the men, there was plenty of shots on the Bath cage in this game, and Moynihan stood her ground, stopped a few and showed that she has a good out pass; all this bodes well for Bath who lack keepers at this moment in time.


Ruby draws

 Some additions from the new freshers and a couple of new outfield players that have expressed an interest means a more competitive side in the Ladies league this season. Year in year out the squad gets better.

The men put out a mixed squad for this game, including 13-year-old Adam Graham whom has been desperate for a game. Bath fielded three more players U18 in Ben King (now a regular pick although still only 17), Wil Tilson (15) and Sam Green (16). Some players will be fighting to get onto the first team this year, And Captain Luke Wilmot will have a squad that is improving in standard and has some “youth” on its side.

A couple of players played out of their regular position, Laurence Dawson-Smith has taken up a long pole this season, and will benefit from working alongside Paul Bown on the seconds. Mark Lane, normally in goal, played outfield again and proved he has manoeuvrability and a good shot, 5 goals in the game testament to this.

The game itself was pretty even, and played in a good humoured friendly manner.   Bath looked a little static at times and went through the usual third quarter bad patch, on which Cheltenham capitalised. At half-time the game was 6 all but by the end of the third quarter the home team had pulled into a 3-goal lead which they held till the end of the game.


Doug Mackay defends


With a rest weekend before the season starts proper, Bath are looking reasonably strong for the 17/18 campaign, this team will bring in several other players that were absent, particularly at face and in attack. Keeping focussed will be key, particularly if Bath want to be competitive against the East at the end of the season.

Mens squad


As for National Lacrosse day, well done Cheltenham, despite a deluge near the end of the lady’s game, the club put on a great event, that can only become more popular in the future, they have found a really nice home at the Civil Service Sports Ground, and with some work will see numbers grow. After a few years in the doldrums, this new Cougars outfit could become a real power in the region.

Both squads

Womens stats

First Half: Cheltenham 7:2 Bath

Second Half: Cheltenham 7:1 Bath

Final Score: Cheltenham 14:3 Bath


Nik Roberts (Bath)



Mens stats

Quarter Scores 

1st quarter Cheltenham 5:4 Bath

Lane, Lane, Morey, Morey

2nd quarter Cheltenham 1:2 Bath

Lane, Lane

3rd quarter Cheltenham 4:1 Bath


4th quarter Cheltenham 3:3 Bath

Carey, Mackay, Carey

Final Score: Cheltenham 13:10 Bath



Mark Lane 5

Craig Morey 2

Mike Carey 2

Doug Mackay 1



Nik Roberts (Bath)