11 Feb 2018 - Ladies T5 - Artificial Surface

South West Womens tournament 5

Final Position 5th out of 6


Won 1 lost 4




The team


The South West Ladies league has two early in the year tournaments that are a break from the normal format. The first, reported on earlier in the year is the indoor tournament, and the second is the outdoor, artificial surface toutnemns, held traditionally at Clifton College in Bristol.


Beth Storey clears


Unfortunately, due to a lot of last minute drop outs from illness, Bath could only field 9 players, so went into every match with a distinct one player disadvantage (the League is 10 a side), and on a surface where the ball tends to run a long way when grounded, fatigue was going to be the big problem.


Sarah Bibby on the draw


Bath opened with a match against Bristol University, and took an early lead, but the University girls capitalised on mistakes by the girls in red and took their own chances, this was a game that Bath could have won but for some good saves and poor shot choices, but, despite a player down moral was high, the team was competitive.


Good save


In the next game against Falmouth University (CMS) the girls moved the ball better, and the tactic of moving Iona Westwood into defence to add some stability seemed to b the better balance, a good win 3:1 was certainly deserved, but the team had worked hard to achieve this, and the bigger games were yet to come.


Izzy Dudley on the drawVictoria Westwood defends


Against the league leaders Bristol Bombers, Bath competed in every department, getting some scoring chances, but Bristol played a tactical game and exploited the free space from the man up ruthlessly, coming out winners 6:0, this Bath team however didn’t feel they had been out of the game.


Abi Chell stands up to a shot from Helen Murray


Against the Seagulls Bath fought hard, but fatigue was becoming a factor, plus Abi Lee was carrying an injury making the man down situation more acute, Bath scored though and losing 4:1 was nothing to be ashamed of.


Iona Westwood clearsBig Defence


In the last game Bath made the Cheltenham side work hard for every ground ball, and found some space themselves, keeping the game even until the second half, losing 5:2 again going down fighting.


Irene Moynihan saves


Bath are developing a good squad, and if all the payers are available they might yet cause the odd upset.


Happy team


Playing a full tournament short handed and coming 5th out of 6 is a great result



Results (TBC)

Bath 1:3 Bristol University

Bath 4:1 Falmouth CSM

Bath 0:6 Bristol Bombers

Bath 1:4 Seagulls

Bath 2:5 Cheltenham