Bath Lacrosse club are pleased to announce the date for the 34th Bath Eights tournament

7th September 2019

2018 winners

Cheadle LC men
Bristol Bombers Women

7th September 2019 – 10.30hrs

The 34nd Bath Eights Men’sTournament
The 3rd Bath Eights Women’s Tournament


Venue: Odd Down Sports Fields, Chelwood Drive, Off Bloomfield Road, Bath, BA2 2PR

Time: 10.30hrs

Registration: 09.30hrs

Eligibility: See Policy Statement below

All competitors must be age 16 or over and must be registered with their national governing body.

Entry Fee: £125

Enquiries: Contact Kaoru Jacques: 01249 783533, 07973 105379

5 Fosse Farm Barns, Nettleton, Chippenham, Wilts, SN14 7NJ


Entries with the following data:

Lacrosse Club:

Contact Name and Address:

Contact Telephone:

Contact email:

Enclosed Cheque for £125 made payable to Bath Lacrosse Club

Please note: Bookings are on a strictly “First paid first served basis”

Registered teams so far for 2019


  • Bath LC
  • Bangor University LC
  • Bristol Bombers LC
  • Camden Capybaras LC
  • Cardiff Harlequins
  • Cardiff University LC
  • Cheadle LC
  • Cheadle LC (Coffin Dodgers)
  • Cheltenham Cougars LC
  • Cheltenham Cotwoldians (CCLC 2)
  • City of Stoke LC
  • Epsom LC
  • Guilford Gators LC
  • Hillcroft LC
  • Hitchin LC
  • Kings College London
  • London Raptors LC
  • Loughborough University Alumni
  • Mellor LC
  • Military Lacrosse
  • Milton Keynes LC
  • Nottingham Trent University Alumni
  • Reading LC
  • Reading University Rainbows
  • Ruthin & Alicante LC
  • Sheffield LC
  • Spencer LC
  • Swansea University LC
  • Trowbridge LC
  • University of Bath
  • Welwyn LC
  • Wilmslow LC

That’s 32 confirmed

2 in processing

1  spaces left


  • Bath LC
  • Bristol Bombers LC
  • Cheltenham Cougars LC
  • City of Stoke LC
  • Guildford Gators LC
  • Hillcroft LC
  • Kings College London LC
  • Reading LC
  • Reading University Rainbows
  • Swansea University
  • University of Bath

That’s 11 confirmed

1 space left


  • The club runs a reserve list in case of drop outs
  • There are often last minute places available due to drop outs
  • If you wish to be on the reserve list and notified of availability register your interest with