Someone at Bath Lacrosse Club once had an idea: “Let’s have a pre-season tournament in September”. It would be unlikely to attract many teams, being so far from the lacrosse heartlands of Manchester and London, but it was perhaps worth a try. That was some time ago….

The tournament, now a permanent fixture on the Lacrosse calendar is the main source of finance for Bath’s junior development programme, and the organisers would like to thank all that help on the day.

The Bath 8-a-Side Lacrosse Tournament took place on the first Saturday in September on the Recreation Ground in the heart of the city from 1986 untill 2016. However circumstances dictated that the tournament moved to Odd Down Sports fields in 2017.  The club played at Odd Down for the first 3 years of its existence from 1983 – 1985, however the new refurbished ground, with floodlit 3G is a far cry from the original council pitches.

2017 also saw the addition of a 12 team women’s competition running alongside the Men’s. The space and facilities at Odd Down give the option of expanding both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments if required in the future.

Each year Bath opens entries to club teams in late February/early March (details are emailed to ALL clubs) and is usually fully booked a long time in advance.

At the end of April entries from second teams are accepted

The club does operate a “waiting list” which gives those teams, who failed to get their entry in on time (there’s always somebody!), the possibility of getting in at a later stage. Entries are always taken on a “first paid, first served, no exceptions” basis.

The whole event relies on the good will of volunteers, in the main associated with the club, Bath LC would like to give a big thanks to those that help year in year out…however we always need more volunteers, please contact the club and come and help, there are lots of jobs – Officiating, parking cars, pulling pints, setting up, taking down to name but a few.



This lacrosse event is organised and run for the primary purpose of enabling lacrosse players throughout the country to participate in friendly and open competition. It is intended that the better teams should each have a realistic opportunity, without undue bias, of winning whatever awards there may be.

In general, though not exclusively, it is intended that teams entering this event should represent clubs within England Lacrosse. In practice, however, it is not possible to create eligibility criteria for teams that would be both workable in practice and also within the spirit of the event. As far as is reasonably possible, organisers will accept entries from teams from as wide a range as possible, where this does not conflict with the spirit of the event. Organisers, however, will not accept entries from teams which they consider to be unduly or unfairly biased in their composition.

Examples of teams which may be considered ineligible because of their composition (though this list may not be exhaustive) may be –

  1. Club teams, heavily or unfairly loaded with invited players.
  2. Non-Club “Superteams” whose composition gives them an unfair advantage over the better club teams.
  3. Teams representing private or commercial companies

Examples of teams which may be considered eligible by virtue of falling within the spirit of the event (though this list may not be exhaustive) may be –

  1. Bona Fide club teams from within England Lacrosse.
  2. Non-Club “fun” teams whose composition does not give them an unfair advantage.
  3. Foreign teams who are no better than the better club teams.
  4. Composition teams from smaller clubs who would not be able to field a full team on their own.
  5. Club teams with a small number of invited players, where those players do not belong to club teams in the event, and where this does not lead to an unfair advantage.
  6. Teams who need to “borrow” players (usually goalkeepers) from other teams in order to fulfill their complement.
  7. Teams who need to “borrow” players because their number has been depleted through injury in the event, and where this does not lead to an unfair advantage.
  8. University Alumni teams – providing all players are proven to be ex students.

Entries from teams into this event will be considered in the light of this statement, but any final decision will rest with the event organisers.

Bath Lacrosse Club Executive Committee: 5/3/92

Amended : 17/12/12