Seconds improve

Bath 2nds v Birmingham Bulls

West Div 1

18th October 2014

Final Score Bath 1:12 Birmingham

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Week 2 sees big improvements on the second string

After the drubbing in Wales Bath 2’s lined up to take on another of the title contenders in the West Division 1 competition.



A couple of new faces meant that there was a little bit more settled play to the Bath game, face off with Jason He much more competitive, Jack Coward at LSM and Mark Lane in goal beefing the side up enough to make Birmingham work for the win.

There is still a lot to do, but only in small areas, the last pass often rushed or ill advised (who shouted hospital? ) but all this comes with experience and game time, and as the season progresses this squad is going to start turning teams over, it’s all a matter of confidence.



The first quarter saw 4 goals without reply to the visitors, of the four; three could be attributed to naïve play in clearing the ball. Bath’s defence looked good, plenty of knock downs and good ground balls lost to making the wrong pass on the clear, small things make big differences at this level. Although there was a lot of effort to eliminate the mistakes Birmingham were just that bit better and more experienced.



Unlike week one though, Bath were creating chances, making gaps, just not exploiting them,  so it was that the first goal of the game (and the season) for Bath came from a give and go from Roberts and Bowen-Ashwin, a goal is a goal, duck broken, moral up, roll on next week – who? Bath firsts of course



Highlight of the game

Paul Bown Sitting on the Birmingham Attacker – can’t repeat the language use, but it wasn’t “do mind awfully getting off me, you rather large person of genital disposition”




Nik Roberts 1

Rich Bowen-Ashwin (1)