Bath retain the John Harrop Cup

John Harrop Cup

20th November 2021

Venue: Odd Down, Bath

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The combined Bath and University squads

The Annual encounter between Bath and the University of Bath to celebrate the life and contribution of one of Bath’s founder members John Harrop took place at Odd Down on the 20th November 2021


The “official” annual game between the two started in 2008 and the club dominated, winning every year, including 2014 when, to remember the club’s main founder, a Trophy was purchased, and the game took on more relevance.

The Trophy


Since becoming the Jon Harrop Cup the University had edged ahead 4 wins to 3, however the City side, coming into this game were the holders and in no mood to give the silverware back.

Bath Captain Gareth Davies looking pleased


Past result

2014 – Bath 9:8

2015 – University 9:8

2016 – University 15:9

2017 – Bath 8:4

2018 – University 22:8

2019 – University 16:4

2020 – Bath 15:6

2021 – ??????????


Match report

Bath squared off against Bath University in the annual Jon Harrop Cup. Bath, the holders, named a strong team with a full bench bolstered by returning appearances by both Sam and Ben King.

The game started with a tight opening quarter with both sides having spells of settled play. The Uni possibly just edged the first quarter, but it was Bath who led through goals from Luke Wilmot and Mike Carey.

1st Quarter 2:1 (Goals: Wilmot, Carey; Assists: Carey, George)

Mark Lane saves

The second quarter brought similar play to the first and both sides remained evenly matched. Sam King scored with a run and dodge from up top. Captain Gareth Davies scored after a well-worked team goal. Though the game was evenly matched, the Uni came out ahead on goals in the quarter to level the scores at the half time break

2nd Quarter 4:4 (G: S King, Davies; A: George, S King)

Alex George (5 assists) on defensive duty

Bath came out strongly after half time. They found more space this quarter with the Uni defence guilty of stepping off a bit. Lloyd Butler used this to good effect cut in from the right wing and score. Bath also plated a more settled game and sharpened up on the basic stick skills. This led to greater Bath possession and paid off when Sam King added two quick goals. The first assisted by his brother Ben, the second after a quick restart from X from Wilmot. Nik Robert got a crease goal and Butler added another, both assisted by Carey.

3rd Quarter 9:6 (G: Butler, S King, S King, Roberts, Butler; A: George, B King, Wilmot, Carey, Carey)

Davies meets some resistance

Bath made a strong start to the final quarter. A well-worked team goal was finished by Roberts. Bath continued to have more and more of the possession. After Si Griffiths had a shot narrowly miss the post, the ball was recycled by George for Wilmot to score. Griffiths then finished off the scoring after being fed on crease by George in a well-worked example of the new ‘Desmond’ formation. The University kept battling throughout though and closed out the scoring with a fine shot from distance.

University of Bath
The victorious squad

4th Quarter 12:7 (G: Roberts, Wilmot, Griffiths; A: Butler, George, George)

Overall a good first win of the season for Bath and a match played in good spirits by both sides. The University played creditably with some good athleticism, but the greater experience and game management won out the day for Bath. They retain the Jon Harrop cup and tie the overall competition score at 4:4.


A huge thanks to Tom Jacques, he volunteered and refereed the whole game with good humour and fairness.

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 2:1 University

2nd quarter Bath 2:3 University

3rd quarter Bath 5:2 University

4th quarter Bath 3:1 University

Final Score Bath 12:7 University

The attack unit


Wilmot 2 (1)

Carey 1 (3)

George (5)

S King 3 (1)

Davies 1

Butler 2 (1)

Roberts 2

B King (1)

Griffiths 1

Referee Tom Jacques

CBO(s) Molly Killnouty, Beth Carey

Past result

2014 – Bath 9:8

2015 – University 9:8

2016 – University 15:9

2017 – Bath 8:4

2018 – University 22:8 – Match report

2019 – University 16:4

2020 – Bath 15:6 – Match report

2021 – Bath 12:7

2022 – ???????