24 October 2015 - Weekend round up

Birmingham Cowboys LC v Bath LC

24 October 2015

West Division 1

Final Score Birmingham 3:9 Bath




Due to clashes on the recreation ground with the Bath Rugby, a lot of the Lacrosse fixtures had to be rearranged from those set out by the league secretary; this has meant both of Bath’s teams spending a lot of time on the road early in the season, the toll on Family life can’t be understated and players find it difficult to commit to 10 hour Saturdays week in week out.

Bath’s total squad therefore has to be well managed, and Captain Luke Wilmot tries very hard to spread the load. Call ups from the seconds for Asher Brindley and father/son duo Tom and Akito Jacques allowed Bath to travel with 13, only one string of midfield is getting close to the minimum required to have an effective team on the day.




Birmingham would consider themselves contenders for the West 1 title this year, so it was no surprise the game was tight, and that the home side scored first off a fast break, full of intent and keen to stamp their authority.

However within a couple of minutes Bath had drawn level through a solo effort by Simon Griffiths.
The smaller Bath squad allowed Captain Luke Wilmot to stay on the field from defence for man up plays, providing a real threat from up top with long pole shots; pulling the defence further out from goal, which opened space for Asher Brindley to open up his first team account with a nice inside goal. The move worked and Asher then went on to score 3 more identical goals, as the saying goes “If it's not broken don't fix it”.



Bath took the lead with a surprising turn of speed and a face dodge from Neil Anthony giving him the room for a well-placed goal against an equally surprised Birmingham keeper. Neil is settling well into Baths attack and could have scored 5 in the first quarter alone; but for missed catches.
At face off Ken Murray worked tirelessly being rewarded with a goal and several assists; big dodges high on goal, drawing the defence to slide followed by the dump to the attacker or shot.



Birmingham tried to rally, but Bath controlled too much of the possession, as the gap between the sides began to grow, so did the confidence of the West Country team.

A great moment for Bath stalwart Tom Jacques as son number two, Akito scored, taking an awkward pass behind goal and beating his defender with a fantastic inside roll; placing his shot into the corner. Tom Jacques was also very unlucky himself that he didn't score with some very good shot well saved by Birmingham’s keeper. Tom’s eldest son Yugo was the third team captain two years ago, before going on to University in Japan.




In the second half a very well organised Bath defence of Sam White, Luke Wilmot and Owen Edwards (who battled through a calf injury during the game) kept Birmingham’s attack at bay, although goalkeeper Mark Lane looked invincible between the pipes, snuffing out any attempts that Birmingham managed to manufacture; and in possession Lane’s clearing was exemplary, making great passes to stick at the right time. Birmingham nearly made the mistake of allowing the Bath keeper to run the ball all the way up the field, Mark has a shot, the Birmingham keeper was more than relieved to see (or not see as the case may be) the ball skim the cross bar.
Finally Captain Wilmot on one of Bath’s many man up plays managed to register a goal after spending the majority of the game blasting some woeful shots towards the Birmingham goal (much to the amusement of the Bath defensive unit)


This was a tough game, a small squad means the midfield in particular has to work doubly hard;  Neil Smith, Adam Russell and Jacob Stapleton ran all day' supporting both the attack and defence, a valiant effort from all of them, it’s a shame they couldn't get a goal to reward all the industry.
All in all a great result for Bath, there is now just the small matter of doing it all again next week in the Plate (the SW regional knockout competition) as the first leg is away, back at Birmingham.


Quarter Scores;

1st quarter Birmingham 2:3 Bath

2nd quarter Birmingham 1:2 Bath

3rd quarter Birmingham 0:2 Bath

4th quarter Birmingham 0:2 Bath

Final score Birmingham 3:9 Bath


Asher Brindley  4
Simon Griffiths 1
Ken Murray       1
Neil Anthony     1
Akito Jacques     1
Luke Wilmot      1



Exeter University v Bath seconds

24 October 2015

West Division 2

Final Score Exeter 14:0 Bath



Adnam in DefenceBen King


Bath second squad is a mixture of older experienced players, Juniors coming up and Freshers from the University, the team is kept “stable” by placing players with experience in key positions. This worked well against Plymouth, however, shortages in the first team and injuries to others meant the spine of the team was inexperienced to say the least.

Ben King shootsalt



Exeter’s squad has a similar make up, University first team players making the numbers right for their freshers. On the day the University just had too much firepower, particularly at midfield; Bath’s Defence had plenty of time to practice, as Exeter ran wave after wave of attack. Ben Hopkins, new to goalkeeping had a stunning game; the score could have been double. The fundamental problem was in the ability of the team to get the ball up the field to the attack, despite great effort it was not to be, Exeter were just too smart and shut any blossoming attacks off before they could develop.





This is part of the learning curve, and to be expected, when all the players available to the club area available, both the Bath sides are pretty strong, but with travel and injury so early on in the campaign, this could be a long season for the seconds.

 The day was particularly special for 15 yr old Ben King, he got to play against his older brother Matt King, who is the current Exeter University captain.





Quarter Scores

1st quarter Exeter 4:0 Bath

2nd quarter Exeter 5:0 Bath

3rd quarter Exeter 2:0 Bath

4th quarter Exeter 3:0 Bath

Final Score Exeter 14:0 Bath