Jan 16th 2016 - Bath 2's v Plymouth University - West Div 2

Bath 2’s v Plymouth University

West Division 2

Final Score: Bath 16:1 Plymouth University




Akito Jacques fights for the ball


After a long lay-off for Christmas Bath 2’s got back into the action with a comfortable win over Plymouth University, back in October the seconds travelled to the South coast and came back with a 14:5 win from the opening  game of the campaign;  the team was a lot less experienced, for some it was their first ever game. Now with several games and training sessions under their belts, the bath second string is a strong outfit, confidence was high.


But the day didn’t look as if it was going to be as planned. Only 2 defence men available meant Nik Roberts stepped in at long pole alongside Paul Bown and Ben Whitfield, and, in the warm up a shot from Ben King snapped the goalkeeper’s stick, as there wasn’t a spare, Ben Hopkins in goal would have to make do with a midfield stick (maybe his clearing would be better as a result).

That aside, Bath looked good, with a well balanced team (with a spine of Ben’s).


Bown avoids the wrap check


Throughout the game Bath dominated the ground ball, whenever there was a loose ball, Baths midfield were there first, coming up with possession, although at first tis did not convert to goals, Bath were impatient, passes were a little rushed and some of the feeds to the cutters were either long or unadvisable. Plymouth held on for about 8 minutes before a goal from Andrew Hine opened the scoring, and the floodgates. Now Bath were settled the goals began to flow, Ben King bagged his first of 4 followed by a long pole shot from Ben Whitfield, a brace from Akito Jacques and one from Jacques senior (his first of 3) to put the home side 6 nil up by the end of the first quarter.


The second quarter was more of the same, two each for Akito Jacques and Ben King (average age 16) sandwiching a single from Tom Jacques (average age??) 11 nil at half time, not that Plymouth hadn’t threatened the goal, they had plenty of shots on target, Ben Hopkins, small stick or not, pulled of some excellent saves, even when the ball seemed to have squeezed through, Roberts cleared it off the line.


Ben King in attack


Bath’s midfield had run hard, and the long winter break was taking its toll, two or three were looking weary. So with a comfortable lead, Bath began to play more possession to rest legs, this meant that the score rate dropped with just one each for King and Jacques senior. Plymouth also got onto the score sheet with a shot that seemed to bounce off most of the defence before trickling over the goal line.


In the 4th quarter, Bath changed it up, with Nik Roberts and Ben Whitfield moving into attack, leaving Ben King and Josh Yeoman with the long poles.





The Plymouth goal had reignited the visitors and there was a lot more attack from the boys in blue than red, but the home defence, despite the changes, remained organised, and when in attack Bath were dangerous, a short stick goal for Whitfield, one from Roberts and Rory Crouch put the game beyond all doubt. This was an all-round good display, without a full squad, and Bath can, on this form look forward to challenging for top spot in the division, plus, if your name’s Ben…great game.




Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 6:0 Plymouth (Hine, King, Whitfield, A Jacques x2, T Jacques)

2nd quarter Bath 5:0 Plymouth (King, A Jacques, T Jacques, King, A Jacques)

3rd quarter Bath 2:1 Plymouth (T Jacques, King)

4th quarter Bath 3:0 Plymouth (Whitfield, Roberts, Crouch)

Final score Bath 16:1 Plymouth



Roo Hind 1

Ben King 4

Ben Whitfield 2

Akito Jacques 4

Tom Jacques 3

Nik Roberts 1

Rory Crouch 1


Neil Anthony (Bath)