English Lacrosse Registration Scheme

English Lacrosse is introducing a new registration scheme from this season.

All Players/Coaches/Refereees/Umpires are required to register with the National Governing Body each year.

This is a yearly requirement, players already registerred in the old system should of by now received an email from English Lacrosse titled “Individual Registration – Lacrosse Season 2016/17”. It is important that you read and action this BEFORE the Bath Eights.

From this season, starting on 1st September 2016, you are required to register with English Lacrosse before you can play. This has an associated cost of £30 for Seniors and £15 for Juniors/Students.  As we understand it, there will be checks being carried out with the individual being held responsible and club being held accountable.

Registration takes 5 minutes to complete and payment is by debit/credit card. The link below is where you need to be.


Please report successful registration (including payment ref #) to the club captain and Nik Roberts who needs to keep a list of who is/isn’t eligible to play.

Please note, those that are “multi skilled” ie players and coaches etc need only register once.

Everyone has plenty of time to register now before the Eights, so there will be no excuse.