Bath v Bath 2nds

The Squad

West league – 20th January 2018

Bath v Bath 2nds

A combination of Christmas break, Bournemouth LC folding and University holidays causing student heavy teams to concede, neither Bath team has had a game since the beginning of December 201; So it was with some relief that an actual game could take place, a certainty as the game was going to be a West Division clash between old rivals, Bath and Bath 2, not ideal, but a game.

On the day, and again due to most students in Exam mode, Bath fielded 20 players, but with injury and flu it quickly became a 9 a side game.

Club captain Luke Wilmot divided the teams equally and the game therefore was very competitive, particularly in key areas. At Face, Ken Murray was given a proper test by Ross Graham and Mark Jeffrey (returning to the Bath area after several years away with the Army), and the keepers at both ends were kept busy, both pulling off some good saves. The club is particularly pleased to see Mark Lane back on the field after a hip operation.

This was not an ideal situation by far, the improvement at Universities means less and less current students have the time to commit to local clubs. It certainly up to the clubs to advertise to graduates and make them welcome.

Big up to Doug Mackay, brought the kids and came prepared


Quarter Scores

  • 1st quarter Bath Black 3:1 Bath Red
  • Wilmot, M King, White, Murray
  • 2nd quarter Bath Black 2:2 Bath Red
  • M King, M King, Carey, Jeffrey
  • 3rd quarter Bath Black 6:1 Bath Red
  • Graham, White, Mackay, M King, M King, Wilmot
  • 4th quarter Bath Black 2:2 Bath Red
  • Mackay, M King, Jacques, Dawson-Smith
  • Final Score Bath Black 11:6 Bath Red


  • Luke Wilmot 2
  • Matt King 6
  • Sam White 2
  • Ken Murray 1
  • Mike Carey 1
  • Mark Jeffrey 1
  • Ross Graham 1
  • Doug Mackay 2
  • Tom Jacques 2
  • Laurence Dawson-Smith 1


  • Nik Roberts