Bath founder has sadly passed away

Penny Harrop at the 2012 Bath Eights

Sadly, Penny Harrop passed away on 10th May.  For those that are unaware, the club would not exist had it not been for Penny.

Back in 1982 Penny Bourne was informed by her boyfriend, Jon Harrop, that he would not move to Bath because there wasn’t any Lacrosse!!!  The answer, start a Lacrosse Club!

After putting posters in shop windows around Bath advertising a new exciting sport in the city, Penny turned up on Kensington Meadows for the first session with no knowledge of the game, half a dozen sticks and 3 lacrosse balls; hoping beyond hope that somebody would turn up that actually knew what they were doing.

The rest is History; Penny got her man, becoming Penny Harrop, Jon moved to Bath and the club has gone from strength to strength, formally founding in 1983.
Although many have contributed to the clubs success, we shouldn’t forget that the initial spark was from someone with little or no knowledge of the game.
So, RIP Penny Harrop, you are now with the love of your life, Bath and the game of Lacrosse owe you a lot.