Bath v Nuneaton – 15 Sept 2018 – Friendly

Bath v Nuneaton 15 September 2018

Final Score Bath 9:8 Nuneaton

Location Odd Down

Game: Friendly

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New club Nuneaton travel to Bath to play a pre-season friendly

The Squad against Nuneaton

Bath hosted new club Nuneaton winning 9:8 in a surprisingly tense game of Lacrosse up at Odd Down. Bath were always in the lead and scored a couple of excellent fast break goals. The home side looked pretty good for the first full outing of the year. Returning students and home-grown talent combining well.


Although Bath Held the lead for most of the game, Nuneaton won the fourth quarter and really put the pressure on the home side coming back from 3 goals down to draw level, but an outstanding save by Will Tilson and a game saving goal by Simon Griffiths made sure the home side came away with a respectable win to go into the season opener on a reasonable high.

There a lot for Captain Luke Wilmot to think about regarding selection, particularly as a few regular first team players were unavailable for this game.  Good start to the season.

Quarter Scores

  • 1st quarter Bath 3:2 Nuneaton
  • Butler, Whitfield, Mills
  • 2nd quarter Bath 2:1 Nuneaton
  • Mills, Lane
  • 3rd quarter Bath 3:2 Nuneaton
  • Griffiths, Mills, Stamp
  • 4th quarter Bath 1:3 Nuneaton
  • Griffiths

Final Score Bath 9:8 Nuneaton


  • Lloyd Butler 1
  • Ben Whitfield 1
  • Chris Mills 3
  • Mark Lane 1
  • Simon Griffiths 2
  • Matt Stamp 1


  • Nik Roberts (Bath)