Bath 2nds v Southampton – SEMLA Regional League WN – 10th November 2018

SEMLA Regional League SWN

Bath 2nds v Southampton

Bath looking better each game

Final Score Bath 3:8 Southampton



What a difference a week makes, on the road in Southampton Bath 2’s were convincingly beaten by a capable Southampton outfit (See match report). But at home, and with the more senior players available, Bath looked a lot more balanced transitioning better and threatening in front of goal.

Despite more share of the possession for the home side from the start, the Southampton Defence coped well with, what still is, a one-dimensional attack, with so many new sticks on the field Bath have to play to their strengths, and that means a more run and gun approach. And after 10 minutes, and several good saves from Tilson in goal, the visitors opened their account. For a short period, it looked as if the visitors would run away with the game, but a solo effort from the face by Billy Rawlings stopped the momentum and more importantly gave some belief to the new players.

The second quarter saw a much more positive Bath, but the goals just would not come, Toke Akinseye slammed a rocket shot onto the cross bar that rebounded back to the half way line, and Rawlings had a couple saved by the keeper. Southampton however managed to convert goals at a regular basis, exploiting holes in the defence left by inexperience.


The third period saw a dramatic change in the home side, instead of a total run and gun approach, players started to back each other up and give the easier pass, creating more ball movement. Cuts across the crease were timed better and the squad started to play as a team. Kaylan Slade was through on goal at least three times, on one occasion hitting the base of the left post. At the same time the back tightened up, and led by Paul Bown started to dominate the Southampton attack, Bown prominent in one huge hit near the substitution bench which served to further raise the morale of the boys in red.


By the fourth quarter, the smaller Southampton squad was beginning to tire, and Bath were pressing much harder in all departments, coming up with a lot of ground ball. This created more chances in attack, and Alex Blackwell became the first fresher to score for Bath this season with a nice shot, finishing from a neat feed by Rawlings from the front of the defence. A few minutes later Blackwell added his second, not as pretty; a scoop shot from a ground ball, but a goal nonetheless.

Bath finished this game the stronger team, winning the final quarter 2:0, a good finish to a good game of Lacrosse.  

Quote of the day – Southampton face man trying to lift Sam Kettle off the ball – “my god you’re heavy”

MVP voted on the day – Ben Mitchel

Quarter Scores

1st quarter Bath 1:4 Southampton


2nd quarter Bath 0:3 Southampton

3rd quarter Bath 0:1 Southampton

4th quarter Bath 2:0 Southampton

Blackwell (2)

Final Score Bath 3:8 Southampton


Billy Rawlings 1

Alex Blackwell 2


Nik Roberts (Bath)