Youth programme moves to Chippenham


After the successful 6 week block of youth lacrosse held at Odd Down in July which saw around 30 new young people try lacrosse, Bath LC are pleased to announce the next 6 week block, this time in Chippenham.

Every Sunday up to Christmas from the 7th November 2021 – Check out the flyer

Chippenham was chosen as the majority of the families involved originate near the town with many of the current youth squad attending local schools

Bath LC are also pleased to be associated with Chippenham Sports Club, where, if the programme is successful, it is hoped to run a more permanent programme

The programme is aimed at both the Contact (Men’s) and Semi contact (Women’s)  versions of the game with the Semi contact happening first at 12.00hrs.

If you or your young person is interested in trying the great game of Lacrosse just sign up and give it a go:

Junior Programme

Bath LC also welcome any new members of any ability, for senior lacrosse just contact us or look for Bath Lacrosse on facebook.


Junior handbook

Lacrosse Flyer

Take a look at Chippenham Sports club – LINK