Chippenham Youth programme off to a great start

Check the flyer – 211018 Bath Lacrosse winter Poster in chippenham

21 boys and girls came out to play lacrosse at the new venue in Chippenham, they represented schools right across a large area, from Bristol to Malmsbury, Westonbirt to Bath.

Following the successful 6-week course in July, Bath LC consulted with the parents with the aim of establishing a more permanent youth programme in the area.

The biggest barrier to the growth of the programme is that the majority of the current young people are located to the East of Bath, closer to Chippenham, due in the main to the continuous delivery of Lacrosse (over 15 years) to Stanton St Quintin Primary School.

After a little research Chippenham Sports Club were approached as a likely venue for the Winter programme, the location is also reasonably good for families on the East side of Bristol. Bath LC have secured the use of the cricket outfield at the club on a trial basis up till Christmas, and, if all goes well, including the management of the wear an tear of the outfield, there is a very good chance of being able to continue on a more formal basis;

A date was set, and on the 7th of November the kit was loaded into the car (also know as the TARDIS)  and taken from the club storage in Trowbridge to Chippenham. 21 players ranging from 7 to 13 came along to play the great game of Lacrosse.

To cater for both genres of the game the 3-hour session focusses, firstly on the Semi Contact version of the game (Women’s lacrosse) and at the halfway point moves to the full contact version (Men’s).

Both “sessions” are open to all the young people, and it was great to see some of the boys turning up at the 12-noon start, ready for the full 3 hours. The coaches were particularly impressed by the girls that stayed on to don helmet and gloves and compete with the boys.

The important outcome was that all had a great time and made some new friends – some new Lacrosse friends.

For the first session the coaches set up a circuit area, which involved slalom poles and zig zag cones, and there’s going to be more added in the coming weeks.

While the more experienced players ran the circuits, head coach Nik Roberts took the new players aside and went through the basics, getting them up to speed in time to get involved in the sc at the halfway point.

New players are encouraged to join at any point, so if you want to try Lacrosse just sign up here – YOUTH SIGN UP

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211018 Bath Lacrosse winter Poster in chippenham