Bath Eights back with a bang

Timperley LC and Godolphin School triumph in Bath  



The Bath Eights continues to grow year on year, and the club now provides 9 pitches for the tournament. The biggest growth in the past 4 years has been the Women’s tournament; 8 teams in year one and 13 in year 5 (actually the 4th because of COVID). At one stage, before the pandemic caused some dropouts, the Women’s tournament stood at 18 teams, a nice headache for the organisers.

More than any other year this was a real “Back to Lacrosse” festival, 2020 was a complete loss to most of Lacrosse and the players just wanted to get out and play some lax.

One huge development for the club is the partnership with Net World Sports. The company provided some new goals and netting as well as filming/photographing the day. The club hopes this will become a long-standing arrangement, the club coaches all seemed happy with the free coaching folder, several were seen moving the little magnetic pieces around the metallic lacrosse pitch provided inside the cover.

Thanks to the volunteers at the scoring points the tournament ran smoothly and all the finals took place on time.

In the Men’s, Timperley LC saw off a capable Nottingham Trent Alumni side and in the Women’s, Godolphin School saw off the 2019 holders Bath University, a game that was always going to be tight as the two teams had drawn 4:4 in the preliminaries.

This was the first time one of the lacrosse playing schools had entered the competition, given two of the dropout teams were also from that sector Bath LC can foresee more entries in the coming years.

The club wholeheartedly thanks the Officials that turned out on the day, without their support the tournament could not happen, hopefully the stripes had a great day.

Bath also experimented with some live streaming, and all the games on the 3G were broadcast to the whole world, this will definitely expand next year as the response was so positive.

All in all a great effort by Bath, putting on the biggest tournament of its kind, certainly in Europe, if not the world on the back of a Pandemic was no mean feat.

And a big thank you to the pre-tournament team, the volunteers on the set up for the day and GLL staff that made the day happen.

Now for the 36th Mens and 5th Women’s tournament  get the day in the diary

September the 3rd 2022

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