Youth programme a great success


Bath LC’s new Youth programme has been a great success, the six weeks of Saturday  2 hour sessions ended with a scrimmage using the whole 3G; the first time for a lot of the young players to get a feel for the full game.

As it was above 27 degrees Celsius the game format was mixed, as helmets and gloves would have been extremely uncomfortable.

Some of the senior players came out to join in and show the kids the ropes, helping them gain a better understanding of positions and space.

At the end of the day, a notebook with the wall ball challenge was given to any of the youngsters that owned (or was going to own) their own stick. Each page of the challenge is a task which they need to get witnessed in order to complete.

Since the signup form went live on the web site, the club has received 34 enquiries (21 Boys and 13 Girls).

26 Young people attended at least one session with 19 being the highest turnout. 5 players attended every session – all despite COVID

A special thanks to the volunteers that came along to help, taking registers, temperatures, clicking helmets and pulling arms through elbow pads.

All the parents and young players want to start again in the Autumn, a good base to really get the youth programme off the ground.

Based on the numbers, and with a little more recruiting, an U16 and U12 squad looks a real possibility.

Watch this space for more news – summer fun day and hopefully 6v6 games at the Bath Eights in September